Mar 5, 2012

ETHER- Wat U Kno

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Bay Area's own... "Ether"!
Straight outta Richmond, California (Yay Area!!!), and member of the HardSpittahs. New track entitled "Wat u Kno"(What You Know), produced by yours truly, Mr.Robinson. Got more from Ether coming real soon. Plus that "%100 Ether" MixTape dropping soon. Follow Ether on Twitter @TeamFingaLickaz  

Also check out the HardSpittahs on "I don't give a fuck!", also produced by Mr.Robinson

Mar 2, 2012

Key & Peele "I said Bitch"

Im a huge fan of Comedy, so if someone was to say Comedy Central is one of the greatest things ever in existence... I'd probably say "Hell the fuck yea"! The best thing about Comedy Central (other than airing classic comedy movies) is their original shows (Produced/Created by Comedy Central). Shows like:"Crank Yankers", "Reno 911", "The Chappelle Show", "Chocolate News", and probably the most famous show of them all "South Park" (You may of heard of it...). The next great show to come from 
CC is "Key and Peele"

Feb 28, 2012

HardSpittahs- I Dont Giva Fuck (Produced By Mr.Robinson)

This instrumental was produced maybe a year ago. The guitar part was played by my friend "Dan Diamond", the loop sounded great. Added drums, and synths via Logic Pro
 and PropellerHeads Record. I mixed the instrumental in ProTools, which differs from 
my past mixing DAW of choice, Logic. Its one of my favorites, plus its one of the tracks from my mixtape (Vol.3). Hope you enjoy theinstrumental. Below is a video of thefinished song with vocals provided by Bay Area Rap group "The Hardspittahs" (Mixed by group member "YungQuis"). 
They made a hit!

So I mess with the HardSpittahs!
A talented group of rappers located in Richmond, California (The Bay).
Members include "YungQuis", "Leroy Mackin", "Playa-B", "Ether", and
 "MLB Dave". Every one of them have talent, glad to work with them.
 Ill be posting more music from them, not only my favorites, but other 
tracks (promo). Shot out to #PayperMovement and Wyld Wayne!

Have Gun Will Travel

Been a long time right!!!??
But anyway im back!!
Since my absence I've started "instrumental mixtapes", the track above is the last song from the first of three mixtapes (fully finished). This track in particular, is one that I 
cant sell, unfortunately for legality reasons. Im am, however, will still use this track on
 my mixtape. I like the hell out of this track, to say the least. From making this track by hand, or by sampler (NNXT Baby!). All the way to hearing that final product mixed by 
my homey Dj.CAPSIZE.... BTW, Dj.CAPSIZE did a hell of a job on mixing my mixtape. Despite feeling I could mix it myself, I trusted my project with CAPSIZE, and he did a
 damn good job, better than I could've done. For that I thank him 
(My shit translates kid).

So heres the process...
My family are big fans of "Speghetti Westerns", and it rubbed off on me. My favorite of 
them all is "Have Gun Will Travel". Richard Boone is an awesome actor, especially with 
his portrayal of "Paladin" was amazing. Most of the lead characters were either rugged, 
"hands in the dirt" type of men. Or rugged, "Too clean to get dirty" type of men. Paladin was both! Paladin was rich, dressed snappy, had all the ladies, and refined. On the flip side, he would normally go on month long desert stake outs. Jump off of horses to catch a criminal, dive in a lake to get away. Dude didn't mind getting his expensive attire dirty. 
He had that traditional "bad ass" cowboy attitude, would fight you in a second, but shoot you even faster. Never backed down, and always handled problems with integrity, honor and respect. Best of all, he's from the "Yay area" People. Paladin hails from 
San Francisco!! Boom!

Paladin was a "Gun for Hire"...Dont take that term out of context, this guy 
would not take a job if it was immoral. He states all the time that he's not a assassin, 
he's not going to kill in revenge. He's more of a Vigilante of sorts. If you can pay, and 
its right, you have a hired gun. Paladin was respected all over the nation, especially respected with banks (They all knew him, he has dough). The two video's above are 
the actual video's I sampled to produce this song. I used PropellerHeads Record only!!
Again, this track was ridiculously fun, from the beginning stages to the final mix. Its a project that Im more than proud of. For those "Speghetti Western" fans out there... Hope you enjoy it. I've got great reviews on this track, I'll agree with the most common 
comment, it is "Creative". Thanks for listening!!

PS: Im back baby!!
More post's coming soon, this year will be a busy one.
Follow me on Twitter, just click on my name "Mr.Robinson" below.

Grace Alley- Flat Black

Presented above is a song I mixed for my "Advance Mixing Techniques" class... 
The file was dubbed "Grace Alley", my teacher (Michael Rosen) said in class today the 
title of the song is "Flat Black"... Hence the title above (for the time being)...

Grace Alley- Flat Black

Its definitely "Punk", The band is definitely talented.
I was eager to mix it after I pressed play,and heard how every thing all ready 
sounded good unmixed (the engineer was dope). Which made my task even easier. 
The hard part was learning how to mix a different way, the "Michael Rosen" way. 
Which I've come to see his style makes mixing fun (no shit),
 and easy to take a look inside and outside of the overall picture that is the final 
mix (really... No shit!). Im getting it, thankfully Im older, and willing to listen.
 Been minute since the last post, Im back though... 
New tracks coming for 2k12!!

Jan 8, 2011


This made my day!!
Just may be the best day of the year so far... (??)
Read this on CageWriter, I am now a fan.
Not too much a Leno fan, other than the cars, and
let me say... Guy knows automobiles!
 (Still Go CoCo!)
BTW, my sister got me hooked on UFC,
Plus she's a huge fan of the President.
This for C.A.

Nov 17, 2010

Hustle Anthem

So my Birthday is next week (Nov.25, Go Sagittarius).
This is my pre-Birthday present because I love the shit out
of this instrumental!
I love it so much that I broke one of my most 
SACRED rules...
"Don't get high on your own supply"
This track was originally produced generally to sell, 
I was putting together another catalog.
By the time I was finished mixing, a bad ass hook was created,
shortly after the verse came.
This will be an early present to myself.

Oct 28, 2010

Rick Ross ft. Styles-P: Blowin $$$ Fast

"Blowin Money Fast" by Rick Ross featuring Styles-P is too ridiculous.
Instant classic, one of my favorite songs of all time, bru-heem killed it.

"I got that Archie Bunker, and its all white,
 I just might charge ya double"

The beat is crazy, last but not least... 
Styles-P's verse was perfect for this song.

"Did I mention guns from, Red Dead Redemption
Nine mils, fifty clip extensions"

From what I hear, Ricky was a fat "Cop", basically!
(Dont fux with da Po-Po)
But I fux with this song!!